Edric's 1991 Nissan Skyline GTR (R32) | AR Mobile Tire

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

One of the most interesting aspects about automotive culture is the different styles that each owner puts into their car. Each person’s vision is completely different which results in unique creations. From air suspension to coilovers, body kits, wheels, the list continues. We had the opportunity to showcase Edric Arciaga’s static GTR R32.


Clean and simple- Nissan did an awesome job designing the R32. The body lines are smooth and flow with the entire car. For being an early 90’s car, the style is timeless and keeps the Skyline chassis relevant.


If you haven’t already noticed, this GTR has California plates and up-to-date tags. One may ask what it takes to get a California legal GTR- the process that Edric went through is fairly simple. He found a reliable importer in Top Rank International in Southern California and with a few phone calls and emails with the company and banks, the GTR was acquired. But how do we make it California legal- Top Rank (or any legit importer of your choice) will work with the DMV to make sure it meets requirements. From what we’ve heard, the DMV process is very difficult, but the good news is that the importer will handle it. Another key point that Edric mentioned is insurance. If you happen to be on the younger side, it may be difficult to get classic car insurance. The main reason being that insurance companies are requiring at least 7 years of credit history even if you have awesome credit.


AR Mobile Tire- The Bay Area’s only mobile tire service. This is probably one of the best ideas for a tire shop that we’ve heard of. The idea is simple- a mobile tire shop. There have been countless times where you need a tire on the spot and cannot make it to an actual shop. if you get caught in this situation, give AR Mobile Tire a call!




Staying true to Japanese roots, Edric went with a Feal Suspension 441 coilover along with upgrading all factory arms with Powered by Max components. With the handful of parts listed, he was able to fit the aggressive 18x8 -11 and 18x9 -13 limited edition Work Equip 01 under the fender arches.


The interior sports an OEM plus look. OEM seats were swapped with Recaro SR3 Trial bucket seats. To enhance the shifting experience, a Likewise Suzuka extension paired with a Nismo shift knob were added. The steering wheel will be a seeing an upgrade with the Vertex x Mean Streets collab!


Edric periodically posts updates about this GTR as well as his GTS project on Instagram!



When I asked Edric about any performance upgrades, I was surprised when we told me that the engine is pretty much stock! The RB26DETT packs a big enough punch to get you from point A to point B in a fun way. He did mention that he is planning to go with a bigger turbo set up to increase horsepower.


At the end of the day, this a 28 year old iconic JDM legend. It’s amazing that even after almost 3 decades, the R32 GTR looks as good if not better than a lot of today’s sport cars. Edric did an amazing job enhancing his GTR to his style- definitely a RAREbreed.


Photos By: Brandon Kwan