Kevin's 2006 Lexus GS300 | Mansu Bay Area

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

The Lexus GS line has been one of the more popular choices for VIP cars. Currently on its 4th rendition, it’s safe to say that Lexus has always delivered on the GS line. Kevin from Mansu Bay Area ultimately decided on the 3rd generation GS. With his being a ‘06, it was the first year of the newest generation (at the time). At first glance, you’ll notice the killer bright teal paint job paired up with classic SSR Koenig Wheels. Per Kevin, the car is still far from being complete and has a few more goodies on the way.


Let’s cut to the chase shall we? This custom paint job is a factory BMW color- Snapper Rocks Blue.


It’s all in the details. When the car was being re-painted, it was only right to color match the engine cover.


One of the coolest things about the car in our opinion is the chasing tail lights. What’s awesome about this specific set is that it’s OEM tail lights that have been retrofitted. Too bad it was too bright to capture the lights in action.


Wheels of choice are 19” SSR Monster Koenigs with nickel plated faces mounted on polished step lips. The wheels are able to tuck hard with the help of Airlift Performance, PBM Short Knuckles, and Megan Suspension Arms.


A few subtle upgrades to note are the 2008+ front and rear bumpers, optional OEM lip kit as well a 2011 GS hybrid grill- very nice touch.


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Photos By: Brandon Kwan