Central Pine x T-Demand | Custom Car Shop

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

We recently had the opportunity to visit Central Pine USA-a true Japanese Custom Car Shop Stateside. The shop is operated and owned by Sam Hagen, also known as CentralPineSam. Central Pine USA specializes in sourcing rare JDM parts, custom lights, part installs, alignments, and tire mounting. This location is also the home of T-Demand USA- the Japanese aftermarket suspension manufacturer. The combination of Central Pine and T-Demand under the same roof provides its clientele with the best true-Japanese Pro Shop experience outside of Japan. If you're looking to build a japanese-inspired car, I highly suggest contacting Sam!






This oni-kyan Infiniti Y33 belongs to the shop owner Sam. In order to achieve serious negative camber, the full T-Demand lineup was installed- also known as "T-Demand Complete".


The T-Demand style is driving as low as possible, while retaining functionality. In order to make this a reality, President Takashi Tanaka has engineered suspension components with top quality. The T-Demand lineup consists of Arms, Coilovers, Air Suspension, Short Knuckles, and a variety of other components to aide in fine tuning the suspension. All T-Demand pieces can be identified with the iconic T-Demand Gold Colorway.


The shop's main attraction is the in-ground alignment rack. Not only does this allow the lowest cars to easily get an alignment, it also utilizes the most recent technology to ensure that you receive the best alignment to dial in the suspension and maximize tire life.


Clean T-Demand Complete Y33 on SSR Professor TF1 owned by Alex Duenas. Can't believe this is static!



Found this project hiding in the corner of the shop. You can expect nothing less when Central Pine and T-Demand partner up for this build.


This Lexus LS wears a set of SSR Executor CV04 with a Central Pine BBK hiding closely behind the face.


In addition to custom alignments, Sam can also mount and balance tires.


In the shadows was this T-Demand Complete Toyota 18 Crown on a new set of SSR Minerva's. In normal T-Demand fashion, this is also static.



Central Pine x T-Demand has found its wheel of choice in SSR Wheels. SSR has been one of the OG's in the Japanese Wheel market. Their designs are exceptional and original. With their vast line up of styles, you'll easily find a wheel that best suits your style.




Big thanks to Sam for letting us visit and tour the shop!

Photos By: Brandon Kwan