Randy's 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR | Illiminate

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

We finally had the time to meet up with Randy the founder of Illiminate, and shoot his 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR. This was his dream car so you already know that nothing less than quality will be installed. As soon as he picked up the GTR from TopRank in Socal, the mods immediately followed. Although still a work in progress, the build looks so good. We cannot wait to see what's coming next!


Wheels of choice are a set of aggressive 18x10.5 Blitz Type 03 Wheels built by NiftyBuilt Wheels. To compliment, 225/35 Federals were stretched by Best Tire Shop in Fontana, CA. The stretch is so insane that some of the barrel is exposed. 




Part Shop Max Coilovers with custom 20k and 18k Spring Rates along with combination of Part Shop Max, ISR, and Driftworks suspension components allow for low stance and aggressive fitment.


Randy is the founder of Illiminate Apparel as well as the Illiminate YouTube Channel! 


Illiminate Channel

Although the number of Right Hand Drive cars stateside is slowly increasing, it's always an experience to witness in person. We asked Randy how he liked daily driving the GTR. He said that the best thing is seeing everyone's reaction when they see the steering wheel on the right side. For interior upgrades, a Nardi Steering Wheel and Tomei Duracon Shift Knob were installed.


For those that cannot read Katakana, this says Sa-Bi-JJi, which literally translates to SAVAGE.


To add style to the legendary rear end, Randy installed a Fujimura Rocket Dancer Carbon Wing.


For those looking to import a JDM vehicle like this R32 GTR, look no further than TopRank. They are a business located in Southern California that specializes in importing these types of vehicles. Even more impressive is that TopRank had the knowledge to make this specific GTR 100% California Legal. No non-cali plates here!



A Skyline wouldn't be a true GTR without the correct heart. The JDM legend is powered by the 2.6 Liter Twin Turbo RB26DETT. In order to allow the motor to breathe easier, the dual intakes were upgraded to Apexi Twin Power and the twin blow off valves to Blitz.


When it comes to choosing an exhaust, every enthusiast at some point has gone to YouTube to search for sound clips of different setups- don't lie, we've all done this at some point. With a variety of brands such as HKS, Greddy, or Tomei having their own style and sound, making a decision is that much harder. Randy ultimately decided to go with the Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Exhaust paired up with a HKS downpipe for a complete set up.

Yes, it's a Tomei dahh!


The 4 circle tail lights have become an icon. In order to upgrade the lights while retaining the OEM style, a set of LED's made by ZLEDS were swapped in. Name a more iconic set of tail lights- we'll wait.


Aside from Randy's daily vlogs on the Illiminate channel, you can also track the GTR's progress on Instagram! 



Photos By: Brandon Kwan