Brandon's 2006 Lexus IS250 6 Speed Manual | RAREbreed

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

As a photographer, you are used to shooting other things rather than your own self or possessions. I have to admit that shooting my own car was a bit odd, but the IS was finally clean and the sunset was more than perfect. I've had the IS for about 6 years now, but didn't really start tinkering with it until about 2 years ago. When I first saw it at the dealership, I knew I had to get it. Pearl white, 6 speed manual, and low miles were things I could not pass up. Fast forward to today, I am pretty content with how it sits today, but that feeling will probably change tomorrow. 


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Stock Headlights were swapped LED Headlights by VIP Motoz. In the rear, custom tinted OEM ISF Tail Lights replaced the stock ambers.


Ultimate lows were achieved with the help of Luke Andersen, aka Doctor Low.

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All around wheel tuck is made possible with Airlift Performance 3H and modified suspension components.


Wheels of choice are 19" Work VSXX powdercoated white with gold flakes.


The immediate eye catcher is the Street Faction Weighted Shift Knob. It's not everyday that you'll see a 6 speed manual IS in the wild.


The front end is updated with a Esprit Style front bumper. Paint and body work done by T&T Auto Body in San Jose, CA.


The Becausebags Hanging Bracket makes for a clean yet functional trunk set up. All components are mounted to the rear deck which allows you to keep your spare tire! Thanks Kevin from BagsandWheels for the clutch find!


Also, huge thanks to David for the flawless air install. Hit him up if you need to get your bag set up installed!



Our good friend Cary from Mistrshop made us a custom management plate for that extra personalization.


Photos By: Brandon Kwan