Anthony's 2008 Aimgain Lexus IS250 | PURE VIP

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

When Lexus debuted its IS platform in 2000, the public was ecstatic- they have finally received what they have been asking for. The entry-level luxury vehicle named the Altezza or IS300 in The States proved a success with its performance oriented, luxury style. Since then, the IS line continued to grow into its 3rd generation that we have today. However, Anthony fell in love with the 2nd generation IS. With a longer body style than its older brother, the 2IS leaned more towards luxury, while retaining a sport style. Although the 2nd and 3rd generation IS lack aftermarket performance support, it makes up for it with aesthetics.


To spice things up, Anthony purchased a complete Aimgain body kit with a twist. Instead of the GT-VIP front bumper, he chose to go with the more sleek, ISC front end.


Inspired by T-Demand Styling, a set of aggressive 19x10/10.5 SSR CV04 in Titan Silver were the wheels of choice.


The healthy amount of tuck was achieved by a complete T-Demand suspension arm setup combined with Airrex Air Struts. With this set up, Anthony was able to get -11 degrees of camber aired out.


Aimgain always goes above and beyond with its styling. The small details really make the overall look.


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Photos By: Brandon Kwan

IG: @kwanye