Christian's 2012 Subaru WRX | Illiminate x Lucrative Co.

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

We were fortunate enough to meet another member of the Illiminate Family. The last time we spent some time with Illiminate, we shot Randy’s Nissan Skyline R32. This time around, we have Christian Ngo’s 2012 Subaru WRX in front of the lens. This WRX Hatch has been through a lot- originally white then wrapped gloss black, coilovers then bagged, and then back to coilovers just to name a few. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next!


Lucrative Company


Work Wheels are King. Following the drift theme with his RWD conversion, it only made sense to have staggered Work Wheels from the Meister lineup. Up front, are the Work Meister M1 and the rears are fitted with the iconic Work Meister S1. Such a fire combo.


Fitment is dialed in thanks to Broadway Static Coilovers Version 2’s. Christian is able to ride fender to lip damage free thanks to the stiff 16k spring rates.


We’ve never seen a fully painted exhaust before. The anodized purple is very different than the traditional stainless or burnt titanium. Not only does it make the Invidia N1 pop, it also accents the aggressive bumper cut. Nicely done!


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Every Subaru WRX Hatch owner can agree that the factory tail lights could use some help. Instead of swapping them for an aftermarket set, most utilize the red vinyl trick and it looks so much better.


As you can see the interior is kept fairly simple. Noticeable changes like the steering wheel, e-brake and shifter add to the drift styling that Christian is after.


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Have you ever seen a Subaru WRX get sideways? Glad we were able to capture this rare sight! Shoutout to the security guards that let us have some fun.


As you can see only the rear wheels are in motion.. on a Subaru WRX! For those that did not know, all Subaru WRX come in AWD which makes it impossible to drift. Christian decided to break out of the AWD and convert his Subie to RWD. In order to do the conversion, he opted for the Rear Wheel Drive Conversion Spool by ChipTorque Australia.


There’s a time and place for everything- burnouts and donuts are no exception. This was done in a controlled environment with permission. Please do not try to show off at your local meet!


This pretty much summed up the evening. We pushed the WRX a little too far and snapped an axel. Oops!

Thanks again for shooting with us Christian! Glad you made it back home safe.


Photos By: Brandon Kwan