Kaz's 2013 Subaru BRZ Limited | Illiminate

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

The BRZ/FRS platform has been popular ever since its birth in 2012. Since then, enthusiasts have been modifying the chassis to unlock its full potential- some even went as far as cutting brand new fenders to install a widebody kit. While widebody BRZ/FRS look so good, it's always nice to see a clean stock body with aggressive fitment. Kaz Hirouji from San Jose's Illiminate has built his 2013 Subaru BRZ Limited into the fitment goals build you see today. Clean and simple can go a long way when it comes to cars.


To extend the body lines, a pavement kissing Chargespeed Lip Kit was added.


Perfect matching camber. Alignment done by Luke at Becausebags!






Perfect sandwich fitment was achieved by aggressive Work Meister S1's, RacerX, Whiteline, and Cusco suspension components, and Airlift Performance struts/management. 


Instead of going with aftermarket tails like the rest of the crowd, Kaz went with OEM LED tails from the 2017 model.


The Legsport Duckbill Spoiler and custom diffuser round out the rear end nicely.


Keep up with Kaz and his BRZ on YouTube and Instagram.




Kaz also blacked out the stock headlights to accent the overall sinister look of the car.


The interior is sprinkled with multiple rare pieces- Bride Gias II Seats, Vertex x Fatlace Steering Wheel, Vertex Shift Knob with a Likewise extension, and Likewise drift button.


Kaz is also an authorized Work Wheels Dealer through System Motorsports! Hit him up if you're looking for a set!




Photos By: Brandon Kwan

IG: @kwanye