Mike's 2013 Widebody Honda Accord | Speed Fiendz Garage/Endless Projects

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

The Honda Accord is not a very popular chassis to modify because of the low to none aftermarket support. However Mike, the co-owner of Speed Fiendz Garage in Marin, California decided to take on this task of building a one-off VIP Honda Accord. 

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Even though you cannot see it due to the lighting, I highly suggest you take a good look at the metallic color shift vinyl wrap job. Speed Fiendz Garage did such an awesome job wrapping that one could mistake it for paint

Wide 3 Piece AG Wheels locked down with 326 Power Lug Nuts to perfectly fill the fenders

Custom hardline trunk setup built in collaboration between #Becausebags and Chibi Cars

The Accord is able to achieve ultimate lows with Airlift Performance Struts managed by Airlift 3H

Full-Metal Widebody executed by Kimxon at Ulterior Motives in Sacramento, California

A VIP build is never complete with the array of accessories. For ultimate comfort and style, Mike sprinkled the interior with neck pads and trays from VIP'd Out as well as a custom star headliner by DJ Designs

The Accord is styled with a kit made by Baby Bear Gangster

Be on the look out for more changes to the Accord! New things are coming real soon.

Photos by: Brandon Kwan

IG: @kwanye