Kyle's Nissan 350Z | Team High Octane Tuners

Photos By Brandon Kwan

You might be thinking that this car is very familiar, and you're correct. If you have been to any shows in California such as Wekfest, chances are you have taken a picture of Kyle's Nissan 350Z. The vibrant red body sitting on spectrum silver SSR Wheels is definitely a neck breaker.

Be sure to keep up with all the upcoming 2017 shows to see this icon in person.

The interior is just as blessed as the exterior. The overall aggressive track theme is quickly noticed. As soon as you open the door, you feel you're in a race car.

The Z is equipped with Accuair E-Level Suspension in order for the fenders to sit gently on the SSR lips.

SO MUCH SAUCE. The Spectrum Silver finish from SSR is so highly sought after that there is a waitlist. For this specific set, Kyle said he waited for 1 year.

Can you tell that he likes carbon fiber?

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