Manny's Infiniti Q50s | Team Outcast Norcal

I personally have not seen too many built Infiniti Q50's. I guess for a fairly new car, not many people got their hands on them just yet. However, when I came across Manny's bagged Q50s, I knew right away that I had to shoot it. With fender to lip fitment, carbon fiber, and an aggressive looking front end, this Infiniti Q50 has it all.

Anyone with some cash can buy bags and wheels. But not everyone has knowledge in the world of fitment.

Manny's Q is sitting flush on full polished Work Meisters S1 with 24k gold hardware. To top it off, the wheels are locked down with Mazterpiece Automotive burnt titanium lug nuts.

Various carbon fiber pieces accent the car very subtly. You might even miss them at first glance.

On the money type of fitment.

You may have seen Manny's videography work. Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel to see the latest.

There's something about the Q50 headlights that make it look mean and aggressive.

In order to sit fender to lip, Manny opted for #Becausebags Corsa Series Struts paired with Airlift Management.

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Smoother than butter.