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Written By: Dimitri Roun

On this sunny October day in a modest town called Modesto, hidden away in the valley of California, lies a very small but intriguing speed shop. This shop is SSworxs. Huge thanks to Dennis Houth (one of the guys at SSworxs) for granting me the opportunity to visit the shop.


When inside, I was greeted by many of their previous and current projects. Many of which, all shared one attribute; racing. In the garage was a 1978 Datsun 620 pickup, along with two Mazda FD RX-7s, a Nissan S13 Silvia Coupe, Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32), and a Nissan 350z.

As I looked around, something sparked my interest. Beneath an overhang that stored a S15 Silvia’s bonnet and other various items such as a set of Hoshino Impul G5’s or Work Equip o2’s, was a very fascinating Datsun Pickup.


This specific Datsun 620 looked as if it was from the past; the age of the Bosozoku, Wangan Warriors, and the street drifting era. As a matter of fact, this truck was actually brought back from life as an all original 1978 Datsun 620 pickup in the year 2017. Many of its components (flares and front lip) were made in collaboration with SSautoPower, Hardcore Japan, and Rocketbunny. Many individuals would ask, “Wouldn’t the choice of style be modern in the year 2017?” Jun-Ichi Takahashi would like to argue.

Jun-Ichi Takahashi, owner of Hardcore Tokyo, was born and raised in Tokyo. His life and passion revolved mainly and almost entirely around the Japanese street culture of the 80s. The 1980 era is now extinct, but some of which who lived during the time want to bring it back to life once again. That is exactly what Jun-Ichi Takahashi did, in the form of a Datsun 620.


This truck doesn’t have the L series motor that you’d think it would have. It is swapped with a Nissan Silvia (s15) sr20de, fitted with Tomei camshafts, TechArt Japan ITB (individual throttle bodies), AEM V2 ECU, AEM high flow fuel pump, 1jz-gte fuel injectors, and a wiring harness by JWT. The motor and transmission was rebuilt by SSautoPower and they fabricated a one off exhaust manifold, and a spark plug cover. To finish up the whole bay of the engine, the sr20 rocker cover was powdercoated by BWM with a Hardcore Japan badge seal the entire deal. Up front where the headlights lay, SSautoPower also fabricated a mesh grille to replace one of the light housings in order to send cold air straight to the ITBs.


While making my way towards the rear of this time capsule, I noticed that it had 1978 Datsun 620 long bed. Hey!-It’s 2017, what about the wheels?!? Keep in mind that car was widened with a Rocket Bunny widebody kit, so it needs a massive sized set of wheels. The wheels on this truck are a set of deep dish Work Equip 40 in a satin gold and bronze color combination. The specs of these wheels are as follows: 15×9.0JJ+20(O-Disk) 4-114.3 in the front, and 15×10.5JJ+13(O-Disk) 4-114.3 in the rear. These wheels are all wrapped in Hooiser Racing tires, finished off with the well known “idlers” sidewall design, to provide maximum grip when driven with heart and soul.

This nimble Datsun 620 leaves a legacy behind. Only those who lived during the same time as Jun-Ichi Takahashi did, will understand why. Leaving this car behind for the whole world to see, is to provoke other car enthusiasts into prolonging is heritage and true meaning; Jun-Ichi Takahashi’s desire.

Not so far from the Datsun, laid a Nissan Silvia (s13). I didn’t know much about this car until I continued to walk around and observe some of various aftermarket applications. I started to piece it together.

Once the bonnet was popped open, I was able to view something that I felt was very special, a Tomei SR.

From what I have seen, I noticed a Greddy intake manifold, HKS Super Power Air Filter, and many other performance upgrades.


Imagine seeing this on the streets, with its mean Glare aero kit, loudly colored VOLK Racing Rays TE37 wheels, and its gloss grey paintjob. Absolutely insane.


There was also a Nissan 350z in the shop that previously participated in the Continental Tire and SuperStreet event. It’s not your ordinary Fairlady; this is fitted with the entire Mercury Japan GT3 aero body kit. This “zed” is sitting on blue Work Meister M1rs, which match it’s crazy livery. This is one awesome build.


While I was strolling through the shop, I stumbled across a work station. Seeing this work station got me right in the heart. There is so much creativity when it comes to crafting, and once you have the specific tools, you can build what you dream the most.


The guys at SSworxs always have a project in their hands.


I would love to end this by giving major props to Dee Mendoza and Dennis Houth, because of the hard work and great amount of effort that is being put into SSautoPower and SSworxs. These guys are insane and can most likely bring your automotive dream into-yeah it is cheesy-reality.

SSWorkxs | Modesto, California

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Written By: Dimitri Roun

IG: @dimlowmedia