Anthony's 2003 Infiniti M45 (Y34) | RAREbreed

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

For starters, we usually try to stay away from shooting one of our own because well, where's the fun in that? When Anthony told us that he was picking up a car from Las Vegas, we knew it would be something worth shooting. The Y34 is something you don't see built in Northern California, so his is probably the first in the area. His specific build had everything a VIP enthusiast would want- authentic JDM bodykit, aggressive wheels, and Japan's best suspension parts. To take it even further, Anthony has plans to change it up and push the envelope even further. 


A fresh set of 19x10/10.5 SSR CV04's are able to slip past the fenders thanks to the healthy amount of camber. This set is actually from his Lexus IS that he is currently building for next year's show season.


There are many options out there when it comes to finding a bodykit. Keeping the overall VIP style of this build, this Y34 is equipped with a complete JDM Mode Parfume body kit.


Demon camber isn't for everyone- not just because the style isn't for everyone. Achieving this style of fitment requires a lot of time and experience in perfecting the art. Of the top, Anthony is running Airrunner Air Struts matched with T-demand, Nagisa, and Battle Version suspension components to achieve the laid out look. 


A full custom exhaust finished off with Junction Produce exhaust tips allow the factory 4.5L V8 to come alive.


Take a swing to the rear of the car, and you will find a set of JDM Cedric rear tail lights as well as integrated rear fog lights to complete the JDM look.


The amount of camber can only truly be appreciated when seen in person.


Perfectly matching camber was achieved by Samurai Motors in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The white wrap was done so perfectly that one would think that it's paint.


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Anthony: "I would like to thank my fiancee Jennifer for being patient with my hobby, love for cars, and all the money spent. Also, I would like to thank my RAREbreed family, Brandon for taking the pictures and the time to make this feature happen. Lastly, huge thanks to Sam at Central Pine for the wheels."


Photos By: Brandon Kwan

IG: @kwanye