Chris's 2014 Infiniti Q50 | PURE VIP

Photos By: Brandon Kwan

When building a car, it's easy to fall victim to having a car that looks similar to another. With only so many parts in the world, you're bound to hit a match at some point. Then there is Chris and his 2014 Infiniti Q50- he pushed the envelope to where no other Q50 owner has gone, and definitely set the bar- an insanely high one for that matter. Almost every aspect of the car has been customized to Chris's liking. From the custom all metal widebody rear and vented front fenders to the Ultrasonic Blue paint from Lexus, I guarantee that there is no other Q50 that comes close to being similar.


Stance and fitment is achieved by D2 Air Struts managed by Airlift 3H.

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In order to protect his fresh USB paint, Chris had Imperial Works clear bra and coat the entire car with Ceramic Pro. The deep gloss achieved by Ceramic Pro is unparalled.


Custom full-metal fender flares made by Ulterior Motives in Sacramento, California. These flares are able to allow for wide wheels while retaining the original body lines.


Work Meister S1 3P will never go out of style. The matte black face, bronze lip, and 24k gold hardware set off a timeless look.


A complete JDM Blitz body kit gives the car an overall sleek, yet aggressive appearance. 


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Custom fender vents and paint executed by Elite Auto Body in Sacramento, California.


The OEM headlights were reworked by RaulGCustom for a more aggressive look.


In addition to the widebody flares, Chris also had the Kimxon at Ulterior Motives make him 4" outlet quad tips for his Motordyne Exhaust.




Photos By: Brandon Kwan

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