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George's 2011 MazdaSpeed3

Photos By: JR Sang

The MazdaSpeed line is Mazda's racing line. Those deemed MazdaSpeed come with the aggressive package like those of Subaru's STI and Mitsubishi's Evolution. The MazdaSpeed3 was a highly sought after platform because of its bang for the buck. At a relatively affordable price tag, the MazdaSpeed3 came off the lot with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine pushing 263 horses. Take that base line and add a handful of tasteful modifications and you get George's creation.

Already tuned with a stock turbo, the MazdaSpeed3 comes off the line with 263 Horsepower with only a 4 cylinder engine. George decided upgrades were needed and added a JBR full turbo intake, Mishimoto Intercooler, custom piping, Cobb Access Port, and a HKS blowoff valve.

In order to achieve his fitment, George went with Airlift Performance struts combined with Accuair E-Level management to tuck away the 18inch Work Meisters.

There is something about this vibrant blue that makes the entire car pop.

This Speed3 is equipped with a Mishimoto M-line intercooler hooked up with full custom piping for maximum flow.

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Photos By: JR Sang

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