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Therdee's 1996 Acura NSX | United Imports

The 90's era was full of greatness- especially for the automotive world. Legendary names such as the Skyline, Supra, RX-7, and the NSX were at their prime. In the year 1990, Acura shook the world with it's rendition of a supercar- cue the Acura NSX. With Ferrari in its crosshairs, Acura sought to engineer a performance oriented beast that had better reliability and a lower price point than its counterpart.

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Jeff's 1998 Nissan S14 Kouki | S-Chassis

The Nissan 240SX will forever be known as a drift car. Although Nissan probably didn't plan it that way, its legacy lives on sliding through corners. With so many of these cars used in drifting as well as its age, coming across a good condition that hasn't been beaten to the ground is rare. However, when you do across a clean 240, you'll notice that it's more than a drift car.

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Jon's 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 Sedan | JDM Legend

There are certain cars in the world that immediately catch your eye. While the most obvious Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren are frequently seen in upscale areas that of Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, there are other notable cars that are known to make heads turn. The Nissan Skyline lineup is that car. Aside from being a 100% performance oriented race car, the mere fact of getting one State side is a rare feat. Due to the recent 25th birthday of the R32 and R33 models, more and more Skylines are appearing. But how many R32 Sedans have you seen?

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AJ's 1997 T-Demand Lexus LS400 | Central Pine USA

Big Body Sedans scream luxury. Although not typically performance oriented, owners of these cars go for neck breaking looks and style. With roots stemming from OG Japanese Executives, VIP styling is here to stay.

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Jimmy's 2009 Lexus IS250 | Kakurabu

The Lexus IS was the first sport-inspired model of the Lexus lineup. With the perfect combination of sport and luxury, it's as if Lexus begged the aftermarket community to take it to another level. While a common car that you see in your local grocery store parking lot, it can be transformed to an eye catching beauty.

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Tom's 2007 Aimgain Lexus GS350 | SpeedImage USA

When an individual is looking for a VIP platform, it's safe to say that Lexus is the first on the list. With the ever growing community of Lexus owners, finding a way to stand out from the crowd is tough, but not impossible. With the perfect combination of personal styling, sky's the limit with this platform. For Tom, he got his inspiration from the VIP Gurus of Japan and added his own twist to create what you see here.

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Jason's 2005 Lexus LS430 | Endless Projects

The grandfather of the Lexus Luxury Line is the LS model. Everything about this model is over-the-top. From its big-body exterior, to the wood grain interior touches, Lexus decided to present consumers with 1st in class luxury. 

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Mike's 2013 Widebody Honda Accord | Speed Fiendz Garage/Endless Projects

The Honda Accord was created for the average family needing to take the crew from point A to point B. Every now and then, you'll see the fully loaded and or sport versions of this chassis. However, when is the last time you've seen a VIP-Style widebody version? Mike's 2013 Baby Bear Gangster Widebody Accord is a sight you do not want to miss. 

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Jedh's 2016 Subaru WRX | Team Concept

Subaru has always built cars with adventure in mind. Coming equipped with all-wheel drive, this WRX can handle all weather and conditions. With purpose in mind, Jedh sought to build a show-worthy car, while retaining Subaru's motorsport heritage. 

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Tim's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X | Canlas Mobile Tint

The ongoing rivalry between the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and the Subaru WRX STI never ceases to amuse me. Both have their one-ups on each other, so I would say who can execute on their platform is the top winner. In my eyes, Tim has set the bar with his Evo, and he's not done yet.

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